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You may be taking this course to ensure you comply with local regulations regarding infection control but practising good infection control procedures and letting your customers know you and your staff are trained is good for your business.

When choosing studio cleanliness is something people look for and seeing your certificates on the wall will give more confidence in your skill levels.

Having the certificates on display is one thing but taking extra care and practising what you have learnt will give a good impression and install more confidence with your clients. Things you can do is to always wear gloves, wash your hands where clients can see, good personal hygiene and keep all work areas and seating clean and disinfected.

Imagine the difference in two studios, one that is clean and tidy and the other where the floor is dirty, seats damaged or stained, bins overflowing and staff who do not appear to take care. Which one would you choose to visit and come back to next time?

Telling your clients why you are doing things in a certain way can also help give confidence to your clients and ensure you get into a mindset to think infection control in everything you do.

Finally, there is a cost to think about if you don't practice good infection control practices. Your business reputation could be damaged, your business or job could be at risk, there could be serious legal implications and finally, you could get an infection yourself.